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Prestburyweb is a straitforward web development and maintenance (Webmaster) service with a highly professional approach. I specialise in constructing websites where efficiency, compliance, and security are primary objectives. All Wordpress themes are intended to work out-of-the-box with no third party plugins.

With over 20 years experience in web coding, on-line publishing and SEO I know how to get things perfectly right. I have a passion for clear, efficient and effective professional websites. Prestburyweb offers a unique Web Compliance service that will help you to stay ahead of the competition, enhance that all important Google love and make your site stand out in terms of technical finesse.

Website Development

clean & responsive design

Clear, easy to understand and navigate websites are a must for the contemporary web; a good content strategy combined with efficient performance are the hallmarks of quality and professionalism. We build everything from basic 'static' HTML sites to dynamic CMS models - and have a particular interest in Wordpress.

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managing your on-line activities

I offer affordable remote webmaster services and look after every aspect of your on-line activity. This is my 'catch all' service and a boon for many small businesses that have lost contact with original web developers or struggle to find time to manage technical aspects of the web. It is vital that your site is correctly maintained and up-to-date.

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Primary & Remedial SEO

perfectly configured on-site optimisation

Configuring your website for best performance in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is no mean feat and often a highly complex task involving code level editing and integration with third-party services. I can help you to get everything set up and maintained in perfect working order. I also provide comprehensive SEO audit reports with instructions and recommendations that can be passed on to your existing Webmaster if necessary.

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Linux Support

Distro installations & Advice

Linux can be a highly efficient and secure alternative to Windows or Mac with many advantages for your business or everyday computing. These can include the effective rejuvenation of old hardware or dramatic improvements in the speed and overheads on more up-to-date systems. If you would like help with Linux installations, operating systems (distro's) then please get in touch. I can supply fully tested boot drives for all the main 'distros'.

mate studio lubuntu cub debian xubuntu ubuntu


join the top 10% of websites

Does your site meet the requirements set out by the World Wide Web Consortium for correctly formatted error-free code? Does it comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines and have an acceptable page load speed? These are becoming important ranking 'signals' with Google and have a direct impact on your SEO and User Experience (UX) ratings. I will fix your site so that it qualifies to be in the top 10% that can pass all of these tests.

Data Recovery

Copy and restore media

Do you have a hard-drive or USB drive that appears to be inaccessible? We may be able to recover data from a wide variety of storage media using robust and specialised tools. We work with ISO17025 accredited digital forensics experts on a wide variety of other data recovery and tracing activities.


Contact us if you would like to know more about mass data cryptography for the highest security storage, transfer and archiving of important information.

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Set up in 2016 by Oliver Wood, Prestburyweb provides support in all aspects of web based media to business & organisations across the UK.


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